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Drastic 3DS Emulator Apk is one of the best Emulators if you are interested more in Nintendo Games. These days, gaming has become a significant trend, and many send times in mobile as well as PC gaming. So these kinds of apps are widely adopted among the users to play cross-platform games in their SmartPhones or PC. Among that Drastic 3DS is one of the best emulators as it not only supports Nintendo games but it also ensures that you have a better gaming experience by improving the resolution better than your regular Nintendo Gaming.

Everyone must have enjoyed Nintendo games at least once, and you must be quite aware that people go insane about Nintendo but not all able to effort it, so in such cases, Drastic 3DS apps come in rescue. The performance if this emulator is far better than any other emulator, you will find on the internet. It can handle all the high-end games in the Nintendo like a piece of cake and though it is a paid app, people have downloaded it over 1 million times. It is the features which have made people to buy this game so let’s see what’s special about this Drastic 3DS Emulator.

The Drastic 3DS emulator captured the market due to its features which are rarely found in any app and these are the few factors which lead to it:

  • Screen Customization: very few apps allow you to choose your screen mode while playing games, and drastic 3DS Emulator is one of those apps.
  • Compatible with controllers: You can play games with controllers too, I bet you will barely find any emulator with this feature but it works well.
  • Sync with Google Drive: All your game data and achievements will be stored online in Google drive so you can use them on your other devices too.

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